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Super Deluxe Homes


1 Construction rate Ground floor Rs.1650. First floor Rs.1650.
2 Foundation

Framed structure of foundation depth 5’0” and Basement height 4’0”.

Plinth beam 9” x 1’3”, Belt beam 9” x 4.5”. Roof beam 9” x 1’.
Cut lintel provided. Loft of 2’ width provided in bedroom.

3 Wall Brickwork mix 1:6 with chamber bricks and river sand. Plastering mix 1:5.
4 Painting

Interior Wall putty 2 coats, primer 1 coat and Asian Premium Paint 2 Coats.
Exterior Primer 1 coat, Asian Ace 2 coat. Front side wall putty 2 Coats,
Primer 1 coat and Asian Apex 2 coat. Enamel paint joineries and Melamine
Varnishing for the Main door.

5 Slab

RCC mix 1:2:4 of height 10’ and thickness 4.5”.

6 Doors

Main door Teak wood with design and Cylinder lock.
Inner Teak frame with wood door.

7 Windows

Teak wood frame and glass door.

8 Flooring

All rooms 2’ x 2’ tiles rate limit Rs.50/-.

9 Bathroom

Wall tiles upto 7’ height rate limit Rs.40/-. One wash basin provided.
In attached bathroom, 1 EWC (Parry ware), 1 wall mixer and Shower set

  Provided. In common bathroom, 1 IWC (Parry ware), 1 tap provided
10 Kitchen

2’ Granite platform and Stainless Steel sink with one tap provided.
Glazed tiles dadoing upto 2’ height provided.

11 Electrical

3 phase connection provided. Ac point provided for all bedrooms.

Inverter provision provided.

12 Others

Weathering tile 9” x 9” provided.
Water tank 500 litres Sintex.

Septic tank of size 6’ diameter 6’ depth provided.

13 Services No separate charges for Plan, Estimate and Elevation
14 Client Scope

Material Shed arrangement, Construction water and Electrical power Supply.

15 Materials

Ramco cement, Jindal steel, Kundan wires, Legrand MCB.
All materials ISI  brand.